Increase your profits by buying from and selling in foreign markets.

Global network
Buy, sell and resell value-added goods from across the globe.
Grow your business
Discover new and untapped market potential across the globe.
High-end expertise
Benefit from our vast experience in every aspect of international trade.
Long-term success
Our experts are invested in optimizing your long-term sales potential.

Areas of expertise

About the Mercatare Trading Group

The Mercatare Trading Group (Mercatrad) is a global merchant. We focus on matching add-value products with untapped foreign markets, offering full service on each aspect involved. We operate around the globe in many different markets.

Mercatrad connects buyers and sellers of quality products across the globe.
We offer extensive expertise in global trade, logistics and product marketing.
We operate from our offices in the Netherlands, Turkey and Korea.
Our vastly experienced international team is at your service 24/7.

We connect products in one country, to untapped market potentials in (an)other countr(y)(ies), and arrange for every inbetween step such as contracts, logistics, localized marketing support and more.

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Our trustworthy, highly skilled team of experienced international veterans, add value across the board. We have an instinct for new opportunities, know how to perform smart market research, and command every required step towards succes. With our localized marketing efforts, we maximize the sales potential for sellers and resellers.

Unleash your untapped potential.

Expand your sales portfolio with proven gems from other countries, or sell your goods to brand new markets. Let’s embark on an exciting journey towards more profit.

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