Trading Opportunities in the Caribbean

The diversity in countries, cultures and island groups makes the Caribbean a unique region in the world. It harbors countless opportunities for exporting local goods to the rest of the world, and has versatile needs for imported goods from other global regions. We know how to connect products and markets.

The Mercatare Trading Group is the bridge between exporting vendors and importing resellers from and to the Caribbean. We match products with markets and can arrange for everything else involved, including extensive marketing support.

Our product placement process

1. Initial assessment
2. Product Pilot
3. Registration & Compliance
4. Logistics & Customs
5. Marketing & Sales Support
6. After Sales & Customer Retention

For resellers and vendors

We collaborate with resellers who want to increase their revenue by adopting add-value products from outside the Caribbean into their portfolio, and Caribbean-based vendors who strive to expand their sales market by engaging with untapped foreign markets.

Our unique approach to and high standards for product selection, yield consistent high returns. The Mercatare Trading Group helps you to maximize your potential.