Matching proven products with untapped foreign markets

Any product that is successful in its domestic and perhaps some foreign markets, might well have the potential to become successful in (an)other, untapped foreign market(s). The Mercatare Trading Group connects these products with these new markets, to generate profits for all parties involved.

Once we identify a product with promising potential, we proceed with our proven process to determine viability.

Our initial product and market assessment includes a preliminary identification of potential foreign markets with sales potential, target audience size and value, potential showstoppers, market variations, competition landscape, potential sales channels, compliance requirements and logistics solutions.

This leads to a preliminary answer to the ultimate question: does this product have the potential for becoming successful in one or multiple untapped foreign markets? If so, we proceed to the next phase.

This phase provides for additional detailing of the topics covered in the initial assessment. We create a blueprint for every step involved from getting the product from the producer/manufacturer, to the end customer abroad.

Sales forecasts, actual local sales partners, exact compliance requirements and factual shipping routes are all worked out. The results is an additional verification of initial assessment, and a roadmap for sales execution that is ready to go.

Once the entire process is in place, we engage in signing all contracts with buying and selling partners. As much preparatory work has already been done by this stage, arranging for the final details and negotiations is often completed quickly.

In the next and final phase of our matchmaking process, the initial delivery takes place. This is when we test our blueprint, optimize it wherever necessary, and the first actual products arrive at their point of sales.

Read our whitepaper

Read our whitepaper about matching products with foreign markets. This document offers excellent insights in the dynamics of the international market and all aspects involved. We look forward to hearing what you learned from it.

Joey Codrington

Do you have a product or sales channel and do you want to benefit from international expansion? Joey and our other matchmakers will gladly engage with you to determine whether and which profit lies ahead.

It’s always thrilling to see an opportunity mature into a successful supply chain and have our blueprints unfold in practice.Joey Codrington, Matchmaker.